Animal Tracks, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that operates a wildlife rescue facility and strives to educate the public through exciting, interactive, live animal encounters.  Our mission is to provide a home for animals that cannot be returned to their natural habitats.  In addition to living at our ranch, most of our residents become ambassadors for their species and assist us in our dedication to conservation.  Unique “ed-venture” programs can be tailored to any situation.  In all of our shows, the spectators become participants.  We believe that learning should be fun!  Our lead staff members are certified in Exotic Animal Training and Management and each has over thirty years of hands-on experience with all sorts of animals.  For more than twenty years, they have been entertaining and educating audiences ranging from two to over two thousand and from pre-schoolers to corporate employees.  Please contact us to see how we can make your assembly or event truly memorable!

“Education replaces ignorance with appreciation.
Appreciation leads to conservation.
Conservation leads to preservation.”
~Thomas L. Gunderson, 2008